PACC 2013

9 & 10 of February is the weekend of the 2013 edition of the Dutch PACC. Despite the fact that I “lost” my great station in Malden, I spent some hours in our national contest from my new QTH. Running this with only a R5 vertical and a provisional top loaded wire vertical for 40m is quite a challenge. I had to compensate a bit for the antenna gain loss so I switched on the linear and ran most of the time with about 400W. 10m was not closed but activity was a disappointment. I am glad I put some effort in constructing something for 40m because this band appeared to be the workhorse together with 20m. All in all I am satisfied with my 700+ QSOs as I only spent a little less than 10 hours in this contest. Run rates were quite good in particular when showing up on a band for the first time (“fresh meat”). BTW the PACC log robot calculates a slightly higher score due to the fact that it mistakenly counts UA7 as a separate multiplier. I informed the contest committee about this little flaw.

Image              Image


An interesting analysis can be made at the website of the Reverse Beacon Network. Here you see my signal compared to that  of PA0O as received by W3LPL on Feb 09, 2013. As you see the 40m vertical did pay off (substract 6dB from my signal as I used 6dB more power than Jaap did).



2 Responses to “PACC 2013”

  1. Jaap Says:

    Cgrts Enno

    the latest N1MM version introduced a band switching flaw.
    A bandswitch initiated with the band buttons
    let the K3 relays switch multiple times and then the new band is set with SUB RX on.
    The automatic score reporting now connected to
    no longer to
    I could not see scores at yet
    Propagation was not bad but activity relative low
    It is mainly credit to the Russian HAMs we still have activity.
    outside EU not many competitors.

    • pf5x Says:

      Ik werk nog met v11.11.4. Dat is een versie die gewoon werkt. Ik zie dat N1MM uitgroeit tot een schaap met 6 poten met alle nadelen vandien. Als je die toeters en bellen niet nodig hebt, dan is een oudere versie vaak goed genoeg … Enfin, er zijn veel K3 gebruikers dus die bug zal er wel snel uit worden gehaald.
      Zoals elk jaar wordt een deel van de potentiele deelnemers weggezogen door de WPX RTTY contest, jammer …

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